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Grammingo like a normal grandma only more awesome shirt

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Moving to the vicinity near Meggido around mid-May, Tuthmosis called a general council to discuss combat plans. The study of inscriptions depicting discussions and battles helps us better understand even though the main text praises the pharaoh’s heroic role. The content of the discussions focused on selecting routes to reach the Esdraleon delta in Meggido. The two routes are easy to travel and the third route, Aruna Road, is more difficult because it is narrow on top of the hills, making the army vulnerable to assault. Its advantage is direct access to Meggido that allows troops to enter the plain just a mile from the city. The opinion about this route, according to the report, the generals agreed that it was too risky to gain. If using this route, follow them “people behind people, horses following horses” and exit is as fragile as disaster.